Product Information

  • Multi-angle Hinge: Tripod-free
  • Triple Wireless
  • Built-In Battery Lasting Up To 4 Hours
  • Bluetooth Sound Compatibility
  • Compact Size
  • Wireless Screen Share

  • Datasheet not available.

Key Features

Multi-angle Hinge: Tripod-free

PH30J provides easy projection angle adjustment with Multi-angle Hinge. You don't need to carry tripod wherever you go.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Triple Wireless

No more messy cables. Only wireless smartphone mirroring, Bluetooth sound, and a built-in battery.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Built-In Battery Lasting Up To 4 Hours

No more worries about power cables. Enjoy your content anytime and anywhere.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Bluetooth Sound Compatibility

Wirelessly stream sound to home audio systems, headphones and portable speakers.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Compact Size

You can take it with you virtually anywhere and hold it in single hand.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Wireless Screen Share

Wireless Screen Share lets you view the contents of your mobile phone or your PC on a big screen.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


USB Type-C Mirroring

PH30J supports USB Type-C mirroring, making the projector compatible with a larger number of diverse external devices.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Wired Mobile Mirroring

Easy wired mirroring with various iOS / Android smart devices.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


Viewing Experience up to 100-inch Size

Experience a cinematic viewing environment with the 100-inch screen.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


USB Plug & Play

Easily display images, watch videos or make PowerPoint, Word or Excel presentations from this projector by simply plugging in a USB memory storage device.
LG PH30JG LED Projector


LED Lasting for 30,000 hours

Enjoy up to 10 years of use for 8 hours a day without needing to replace the lamp.
LG PH30JG LED Projector

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