Product Information

  • FullHD Resolution
  • Brightness 1400 lumen
  • Wireless Screen Share
  • Bluetooth Sound Out
  • Lifetime 30,000 Hours

  • Datasheet not available.

Key Features

World Best Seller for 7 Years

LG Minibeam Pro
LG PF1500G LED Projector


The finest portable LED projector ever experienced

PF1500G has powerful picture quality with FHD (1080P) 1400 Lumens. Wireless mobile connection, bluetooth sound out.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Vivid and Clear 1080P Picture Quality

The LG Minibeam Pro(PF 1500G) offers clear 1080P picture quality with 1400Ansi high brightness, 150,000:1 contrast ratio, LED light and triple XD Engine. Innovative 1400 Ansi high brightness provides more clear visibility.With 140,000:1 contrast,it presents impressive white and black achromatic colors. gives 114 vivid chromatic color.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Viewing experience up to 120 (304.8cm) in size

LG Minibeam Pro, PF1500G gives you an cinematic viewing experience with up an extra large 120 (304.8cm) class size. The sheet size of the projector, which is equal to four 60 (152.4cm) TV's, will make your home cinema experience so immersive you will feel like you brought the theater into your home.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Wireless Screen Share with Mobile Devices

Unlike conventional projectors, LG's Screen Share provides wire-free experiences when connecting PC, smartphones, or tablets.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Lap top Free projector

When watching movies or having presentations, don't need to connect PC anymore. Just plug and play USB to watch movies, pictures, music and office files like PPT, Excel, and Word.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Live TV anywhere

LG Minibeam pro, PF1500G is a portable projector with TV functions. Be it the TV tuner, PF1500G is able to receive over-the-air TV signals to enjoy real-time sports games and TV shows with up to 120 (304.8cm) class size.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Sync Controllable Bluetooth-out

Wirelessly stream sound directly from projector to bluetooth compatible sound system like home audio, headphone and portable speaker for a seamless listening experience.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


LG PF1500G LED Projector

Design for Easy Installation

PF1500G provides 1.1x Zoom and 4corner keystone for easy installation. It corrects distortion and missed distance of picture.


Semi-permanent LED illumination system

LG's LED light lasts for 30,000 hours. It means you can use it 20 years when using 4 hours a day. Don't spend lamp replacement cost anymore.
LG PF1500G LED Projector


Minibeam anywhere

LG PF1500G LED Projector

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