Product Information

  • A superior portable projector
  • Viewing experience up to 120" size
  • 2,000 lumen illuminated
  • Vivid and Clear 1080P Picture Quality
  • I-shaped engine
  • Bluetooth Sound Compatibility

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Key Features

A superior portable projector

A portable projector like you've never seen before. A new era of home cinema with 2,000 lumen illuminated in 1080 FULL HD quality, conveniently bringing you a diverse range of functions far superior than existing portable projectors.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Viewing experience up to 120’’ size

Experience the big screen, up to 120 inches in size with more realistic and striking content.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


2,000 lumen illuminated

Home cinema environment is optimized with 2,000 lumen illuminated. Enjoy striking video content even in the brightness of a standard living room.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Vivid and Clear 1080P Picture Quality

Presenting high resolution support in full HD, two times the striking quality of existing HD.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


I-shaped engine

Thanks to I-shaped engine, ProBeam has remarkably reduced body size even though it has 2,000 lumen powerful brightness and 1080p clear picture quality.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Bluetooth Sound Compatibility

Stream sound wirelessly through home audio, headphones or a portable speaker.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Wireless screen mirroring

LG Screen Share provides wireless mirroring with smart up to 120 inches in size.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Vetical Auto keystone

Anyone can easily set the screen configurations with automated screen configuration supported.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


4 corner keystone

Accurately and conveniently adjust the screen settings with 4 corner keystone. Adjust the crooked screen to the left or right and enjoy the upright screen.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Set-top box ready

Enjoy a variety of content on your big screen from the set-top box with more ease and convenience.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Wired mobile mirroring

Easy wired mirroring with various iOS / Android smart devices.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


USB Plug&Play

Show photos, play music and videos from your USB memory with ease. Also share PC compatible PPT, XLS files on the big screen.
LG HF80LG ProBeam


Long life laser illumination

Boasting 20,000 hours of usage as a LED lamp with outstanding function and durability. Enjoy 8 hours a day for up to 7 years without lamp replacement.
LG HF80LG ProBeam

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