Product Information

Reproduction method and sound quality
- Can reproduce and record high sound quality of sound source by using 256kbs transmission rate on MP3 method.
Storage capacity
- PV-6232 can record sound for a long time by adopting the built-in flash memory up to 1Gbyte.
(100Mbyte or so is capacity required for operating the system. Total file capacity for downloading from a PC or recording should not exceed 900Mbyte when using.)
Scalability of saving capacity is excellent with outside USB memory interface.
Interface function with a PC using the USB terminal
- This product can perform interface with a PC through USB communication and it is easy to upload and download MP3 files from a PC.
Display function
- Various functions can be indicated by adopting vacuum fluorescent display.
Entry function
- It is convenient to record since there is an entry terminal of CD, AUX, MIC on the front and rear side.
Auto play function
- When AC or DC power is supplied, the EMORG.mp3 file in the IMSND folder is played automatically.

Key Features

  • Reproduction method and sound quality
  • Storage capacity
  • Interface function with a PC using the USB terminal
  • Display function
  • Entry function
  • Auto play function

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