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The NLA15S sub-woofer is ideal for applications where extended low frequency is required. The NLA-5 can be coupled with the matching NLA-15S subwoofer. The NLA-15S Subwoofer incorporates a single 15-inch long-excursion front loaded woofer in a vented cabinet with a matching footprint to the NLA-5.

The NLA-5 and NLA-15S compact design is ideal for small to medium size rooms or venues requiring the features of a high quality line array speaker system.

The subwoofers can be flown in combination with the NLA-5 or can be ground stacked as required.

The NLA-15S are equipped with 2 parallel NL4 connectors for easy looping of the cabinet’s audio signal. The NL4 with a 4-conductor cable can transport both the full range and sub-woofer audio signals. This allows only one 4-conductor cable to connect the amplifiers to both the full range and subwoofer speakers. This permits easy error free connection of all cabinets by simply looping them together. For example, one 2-channel amplifier can drive up to 8 cabinets. (4 cabinets per channel) and another amplifier drive the sub-woofers.

The front grill is made of 14 gauge durable mesh and powder-coated for a durable finish.

The NLA-15s subwoofer cabinet can seamlessly be flown with the NLA-5 or installed in a ground stack. The NLA-15S subwoofer was designed specifically for use with the NLA-5 arrays and is suitable for small to medium sound reinforcement applications.

High-quality Drivers 
The NLA-15S Sub-woofer cabinets are manufactured using high-quality drivers and components for dynamic sound with rich bass. 
NLA-15S uses a high-power, 15-inch Long-Excursion sub-woofer delivering more base than standard drivers. The driver is front mounted in a rear ported base reflex cabinet. This enhances, and transmit low-frequency energy from the rear of the speaker to the listener. 
The NLA-15S delivers consistent quality, high durability and high quality sound. 
The NLA-15S has the same footprint as the NLA-5 full range cabinets creating a uniform speaker array.

Compact Acoustic Enclosure 
The NLA-5 Series is a dual 5" ultra-compact, passive professional line array loudspeaker. Ideally suited to applications that require a low profile solution. Its small footprint still manages to deliver high output making the NLA-5 ideally suited to short or medium throw environments. The compact low profile ported cabinet design of the NLA-15S combined with the Long-Excursion 15 inch subwoofer delivers powerful and rich bass. This design approach enhances the reproduction of the low frequencies generated by the woofers.

Eco-friendly flame retardant sound-absorbing material is used as an energy barrier to absorb and minimize unwanted resonance. Damping material is necessary to absorb sound from the rear of the cone, sound that would otherwise be bounced around the box and reflected out through the cone. Damping material suppresses mid-range peaks, making the response curve smoother.

Robust and accurate rigging system 
The NLA-5 Series is designed with a safety factor of 5:1 providing a high level of safety and peace of mind required by our customers. Up to eight (8) speakers can be simultaneously connected per frame. 0 degrees, 5 degrees, and 10 degrees vertical directivity angle adjustments settings are available to curve the line array according to the installation environment.

Rugged Enclosure 
The NLA series speaker enclosure is manufactured using a high precision CNC Machinery with void free 15T cedar pplywood. The panels are assembled using an interlocking joining method, which ensures durability and minimizes sound leakage. The enclosure’s high quality polyurethane paint finish complies with ROHS for long-term use. The front grill is made of 14 gauge durable mesh and powder-coated for a durable finish. The optimized grill aperture ratio protects the drivers while minimizing HF loss.

Key Features

  • 15" Long-excursion driver 
  • 600W AES/ 2400W Peak 
  • Extended base to 35Hz 
  • 8 ohms impedance

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