Partners with SMART Technologies

Partners with SMART Technologies

Introducing the all new SMART kapp Whiteboard that enables content sharing with anyone, from anywhere in the world.

ABCOM Distribution is proud to join hands with the pioneers and manufacturers of the world’s first Interactive Whiteboards, SMART Technologies. “Signing up with SMART, we intend to move and upgrade our offerings in the area of technological solutions for education, hospitality and corporate sectors” believes Mr. Jamal Sabri, the group CEO.

A sleek and modern update on conventional dry-erase boards in classrooms and boardrooms, SMART kapp allows you to save and share notes as they unfold, all using a regular dry-erase marker and a powerful new app on your android or iOS device.

With no IT integration required, presenters or teachers can get started right away by writing on SMART kapp, while up to 250 invited participants can see whatever they write down, erase and scribble as it happens – worldwide, whether they are in the classroom or not.

SMART kapp devices come with the snapshot feature so that when you need to write more, the first screen content can be saved as a screen shot, shared with participants and can be erased from the board to move to a new screen. This way, SMART kapp devices have done away with traditional flip charts, not to mention savings on paper usage, thus making it environment friendly.

Learners and students can easily save and email lesson notes on phone, tablet and PC, focusing on the discussion rather than furiously taking notes. For easy distribution, class notes can be saved as snapshots on a mobile device and stored onto online share drives or other storage accounts.

For uncompromised security, SMART kapp whiteboards come with an option to protect sessions with a PIN code. Shared lessons and class notes are immediately deleted when the device is disconnected.

General Manager – Abcom Distribution, Harold Fernandes is upbeat about the latest development: “There couldn’t be a better time to introduce SMART kapp whiteboards to our customers. We are witnessing a shift across the board in adoption of modern technologies and tools used for classroom teaching and learning. This is true particularly for Education, Corporate and Hospitality sectors. Given its pioneering history, unbeatable value and features, we are positive SMART kapp will play a decisive role in enabling this change.”

Available in brand new 42” (portrait) and 84” (landscape) orientations, SMART kapp gives a new definition to sharing whiteboard notes.  While the 42” whiteboard best suits meeting & seminar rooms, conferences, and presentation environments; the 84” variant fits best in educational and corporate environments. The applications of these innovative products can be seen across hospitality, education, training and corporate sectors.

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