We provide a wide range of services which are quick and professional to support your requirements. Abcom Solutions LLC offers Installation services, Rental services, Educational services and Annual maintenance contract services, which would help your organization meet success at every corner of the drive.

Educational Services

Abcom Solutions offers a wide range of products that could transform your traditional classroom experience into a playground for growing and learning. Investing in these services will ensure that your institution stands out exceptionally and caters to the needs of this generation. We create cutting-edge solutions to all your requirements in the most cost efficient manner and have helped empower students to become active participants in the co-construction of learning.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Abcom Solutions provides all inclusive full service maintenance contracts for all AV products based on your requirement. We provide cost effective annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for companies & businesses all over UAE. We have a team of highly qualified, friendly and customer oriented engineers who will provide you with support over the telephone, over the Internet and of course on site. The service contract includes regular scheduled maintenance for all AV equipment at an agreed service level and cost.

Rental Service

We have blended together the talents of experienced people, professional inventory, and an appreciation of our customer’s perspective, to offer you a truly positive experience. We have developed key areas of our business to best serve our customers, offering equipment and staff that specialize in these areas. Contact ABCOM Rental Customer Service representatives to help find the equipment that best suit your needs.

Installation Services

ABCOM Solutions has provided the industry-leading audio-visual expertise. With its certified team of system integration professionals, ABCOM Solutions can both design and build your complete system - from the ground up, and manage the entire lifecycle of your project with services that include design, consulting, blueprint drafting, equipment installation, systems integration, training and support.

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