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Board Rooms

A corporate boardroom is the pinnacle of an organization’s meeting rooms.

Used to conduct meetings with the most important partners and clients, the boardroom must represent the company in the best light possible. The whole environment should reinforce the company’s status and should reflect the sector the company operates within.

Media companies, legal firms or technology sector businesses will all require a different approach to the setting out of a boardroom. Clients will have an image in mind of what qualities they would like to see in an ideal partner / supplier organization. Legal firms might want to use oak paneled walls with hidden audio visual technology to cast an image of a stable and long established company, whilst media companies would opt for a more informal, modernist approach with technology on display, to give the impression of an ‘of the moment – cutting edge’ organization.

ABCOM Solutions takes all this into account when designing systems for a Boardroom. The Audio Visual technologies form a major part of the environment and are almost without exception the focal point of the meeting.

Training Room

Delivering effective training requires making your sessions interesting and easy to understand. You need to highlight important concepts in your training materials and most crucially, keep participants focused - an increasingly difficult challenge.

You need training tools that make even the most "information-intensive" session easy to follow and which allow you to access a variety of support materials easily and intuitively. ABCOM Solutions can provide systems that will allow you to annotate and capture any computer application and then save the annotations in a format which can be accessed via the Internet.

Once you have this level of functionality you can add methods that permit trainees to access the material covered in the training session on-line, resulting in a very memorable and effective training session.

ABCOM Solutions has brought together software and hardware tools which will captivate your audience, allowing you to deliver your training whilst maintaining their attention.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms play a vital role in the running of an organization

TThe sales and decision-making functions carried out within meeting rooms can determine the future of your organization. Sales meetings must impress clients and reinforce your status as a cutting edge, forward-looking organization. Internal meetings must run efficiently with easy, intuitive access to information enabling informed decision making.

The need to cast a professional impression extends beyond the sales requirement. Recruiting and motivating high caliber staff members and impressing investors and partners are key to your company's success. Where, if not in meeting rooms are these goals realized?

The people at ABCOM Solutions have good experience in designing meeting room systems. We have seen the technology leap forward, facilitating global collaboration through data and videoconferencing. The advent of interactive whiteboards, control systems and the improvement of software are all factors which, when combined, result in truly persuasive meetings.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is method by which people in different locations can conduct a meeting and both see and hear each other. This ability to see the remote participants as well being able to hear them has many benefits over audio-conferencing.

Video conferencing is now widely used by all industry sectors. Multinational companies use it to communicate with international branch offices, whilst smaller companies use videoconferencing to enable them to work with clients and suppliers in different countries. Video conferencing is not only used internationally, many legal firms and consultants use video conference systems to avoid billing clients travel time and to be able to carry out more client meetings in any given time period. Schools and universities also use video conferencing to carry out distance learning and to be able resource or include lecturers from other locations.

Modern video conference systems enable users to share documents and computer images with the remote (far end) party. When videoconferencing is used in this manner it becomes part of a collaboration or distance learning system

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